33 startups circulaire suisses pour une Suisse plus durable

AGEFI, January 20, 2023 – In partnership with Impact Hub Switzerland, the Circular Economy Transition initiative has launched the fourth edition of its Circular Economy Incubator this week. Thirty-three projects have been selected.


For three months, participants in the 2023 Circular Economy Incubator will have the opportunity to take part in online events, as well as physical events held in various partner cities of the program.

CircleUp, Greensol, Kuori, and OceanSafe… These startups are among the startups operating in different sectors, but all of them are developing a circular business model. That’s why they have been selected, along with 29 other projects, to participate in the 2023 Circular Economy Incubator.


Launched by the Circular Economy Transition initiative in partnership with Impact Hubs in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, and Zurich, this program aims to support businesses that (…)

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