Domiciliation service


Do you need a legal address in Switzerland for your company? Register your company with us!

From our “Starter” co-working subscriptions*, Impact Hub memberships all include domiciliation services for your company in Switzerland.

Impact Hub Geneva is considered as your working office and becomes the official and legal address of your company/start-ups. You therefore benefit from a physical business address for your company.

In addition, we ensure that your mail is received. The Impact Hub Geneva team will be responsible for receiving it and notifying you as soon as it arrives. You can then collect it at a time that suits you (please note that our domiciliation service does not include mail forwarding to the sender).

A one-off charge of CHF 50 for the administrative costs of changing your address and a surcharge of CHF 10 per month for receiving and processing your mail will be payable by the member.

For more information on Impact Hub Geneva’s domiciliation and membership offers, please consult this page and email the team if you have further questions.

*For company domiciliation in Switzerland, the Cantonal Trade Register legally requires proof of the use of an office for at least one day a week (see Art. 927 and following of the Swiss Code of Obligations).

Why choose a Swiss domiciliation (what are the different scenarios)?

1. You live abroad and want to set up a company (Sàrl or SA) in Switzerland

Swiss law requires that a managing partner (Sàrl) or a director (SA) be a Swiss national or a national of an EU country and live in Switzerland. They must be able to represent the company in dealings with third parties. If you do not have such a person, you will have to use a service provider to manage or administer your company.

But you will also need a service provider (who may be the managing director) to set up your company’s registered office there. This is known as domiciliation. He will receive the company’s mail and send it to you at the address of your choice. You may also need a Swiss telephone and/or fax for your customers, with call diversion.

2. You already have a company (SA or Sàrl) abroad and would like to set up a branch in Switzerland

Setting up a branch in Switzerland is easy and inexpensive. It will have to bear the same name and have the same corporate purpose as your company, but there is no need to set up share capital for it. However, the turnover generated by the branch will be included in your company’s turnover. In addition, you will need to have a representative in Switzerland who is authorised to represent your company and who will host the registered office of your branch.

3. You wish to domicile your existing or future company in a canton that is attractive for tax purposes

The company’s registered office determines the place of taxation. However, the tax authorities look first at the location of the business. If you have well-located premises or a specific business activity elsewhere than in the canton where your registered office is located, the cantonal tax authorities will agree to divide your company’s taxes between them. This solution is particularly interesting for a business that is more than 80% outside Switzerland (domiciliary company) or a pure service activity in Switzerland with no structure or premises.


All the answers to your questions about domiciliation

I have signed up for a membership at Impact Hub, what are the next steps?

We process your application as quickly as possible in order to compile your file.

What documents are required for a domiciliation request through Impact Hub?

For the creation of the file, we will need the following information:

  1. Full name (of the person making the request)
  2. Full current home or business address
  3. Specify whether the entity is an association, organisation, company or sole trader
  4. Full name of the association, organisation, company or own business
  5. Define the title of the recipient: (Miss, Madam or Sir)
  6. A copy of the applicant’s identity card or passport to be added to our membership file

What documents certify my address at Impact Hub Geneva?

Your domiciliation in Switzerland is guaranteed thanks to a letter of domiciliation that we give you once we have processed your application. To be valid with the Registre du Commerce Cantonal, this letter of domiciliation must include the stamp of our company as well as 2 inked signatures. Please note that only the original is valid and that no scanned copies are accepted.

How long does the application take?

The time to prepare the document usually takes a few days once we have all the data since we have to process the 2 mandatory signatures with our co-founders. 

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