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We are the catalyst for social innovation – we are a coworking space, a consultancy and an innovation space. As part of the biggest global network for social innovation we inspire, connect and enable our local community of changemakers to develop their ideas for a more sustainable world.

Our Global Impact

Space Design Challenge
Contribuez à notre Space Design Challenge La conception de l'environnement de travail est essentielle pour garantir un travail créatif, le
30 October 2014 | Impact Hub Geneva
An Interview with Harri Toivonen, Innovation Lab at CERN
We had a chance to sit down with Harri and discuss the relationship between a physical space and its impact on the people who inhabit it. Harri
28 January 2015 | Impact Hub Geneva
We all have a reason to contribute to the campaign: Find YOURS!
Our Impact Hub Geneva community counts with over 80 members, working on projects as diverse as an investment fund focused on sustainable
10 February 2015 | Impact Hub Geneva
The Impact Hub Geneva Story With Felix & Julien
Part 1 of 3: How did it all start? Part 2 of 3: What has kept you going since 2010? Part 3 of 3: What's coming up
20 February 2015 | Impact Hub Geneva
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