About Impact Hub Geneva

Actors for change and united by the conviction that entrepreneurship can change the world, Impact Hub Geneva wants to accelerate the transition to a new, more prosperous economy.

We believe that socially, environmentally and financially sustainable businesses are the way to shape a better future for people and the planet. Our aim is to provide entrepreneurs and high-impact businesses with tailored support, a collaborative working community and a connection to our growing global network.

Impact cannot happen in isolation; it requires collective action. That’s why we’re building an ecosystem of social entrepreneurs, facilitators, innovators and intrapreneurs who drive change together.

Towards a circular economy

The circular economy model is designed to conserve existing materials and products for as long as possible along the value chain. It takes into account material use, design, energy efficiency and renewal, durability, maintenance and reparability, as well as social equity.

The Circular Economy Transition (CET) is a pioneering initiative aimed at accelerating Switzerland’s transition to a circular economy. The CET model – a production and consumption model that moves away from the linear model (generating waste and pollution) – reduces dependencies and risks in global supply chains, and promotes regional value creation, enabling convergence towards a more sustainable and resilient economy.

we inspire, connect and enable

Our Global Values

We trust each other to do what we say we do. We may have different approaches but share an underlying positive intention and set of values.

Collaboration is the key to solving today’s issues of our time. We welcome diversity and partner with like minded organisations as well as unlikely allies to make a meaningful difference.

We have the courage to walk the path less travelled. We honour the past and pioneer new solutions.


A systemic approach to accelerate innovation

We are convinced that the world’s greatest challenges can never be met by a single person or organisation. We need to work together. That’s why we set out to create thriving innovation ecosystems where we inspire and connect people, enabling collaboration across organisations, cultures and generations to solve today’s challenges.

Circular food system

Circular lifestyles

Circular manufacturing

Circular built environment

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A unique global network

With over 100 Hubs worldwide, we are the largest global network focused on creating entrepreneurial communities for large-scale impact.

Impact Hub Lausanne is also part of a national network of 6 Hubs spread across Switzerland’s major cities – Zurich, Bern, Basel, Ticino, Lausanne and Geneva – giving rise in 2019 to the Impact Hub Switzerland Association, the largest community of value-based entrepreneurs in Switzerland, which currently has over 2,000 members.

Join us in bringing tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing problems!

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