Blockchain for SDGs Impact Event (The Power of Blockchain to Scale Nature-Based Solutions)

Harpalium Initiative and the Impact Hub Geneva, two entities carrying out concrete actions for the resolution and support of the 2030 Agenda, join in a collaboration to host conferences on Innovations for the SDGs. The main topic will be the use of Blockchain technology on SDGs-compliant projects.


This year, the Harpalium Initiative opens collaboration with innovative development organizations as Cardano foundation, Unep, Unige and  GDFA to present concrete actions to address NbS challenges. 

Our second event’s main topic is “The power of Blockchain to scale NbS,” with a particular focus on how innovations may provide solutions to challenges like funding, transparency, climate & Social impact with the Forest Maker project and Veritree.


This initiative is a prime opportunity for you to:

  • Ideate, build and deliver blockchain-driven NbS
  • Contribute to social good while pursuing your interests
  • Connect with like-minded people and world-leading experts in this field


Attend in person or online (zoom link with be shared to registered participants) to find out how Blockchain technology can be used to overcome funding and transparency barriers for Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

For those joining physically, the Blockchain for SDGs Impact Event will be held in Impact Hub Geneva and followed by an apéro. 



  • Introduction from Harpalium Initiative
  • Aurélia Blin: Climate Finance & NBS introduction I Unlocking private investment in sustainable land use with blended finance (UNEP)
  • Katherine Foster: Executive Director Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA – Ant Group & UNEP NGO)
  • Belén Arostegui: How an NbS impact organization operates in a conventional way
  • Prof. Jean-Marc Seigneur: Usage of blockchain for NbS and climate action (University of Geneva)
  • Chris Bernardis: Presentation Forest Maker
  • Alexandre Maaza: Presentation Cardano Fondation
  • Derrick Emsley: Veritree
  • Q&A and Networking Apéro


28 November 2022





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