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Circularity Gap: Meeting societal needs and preserving global resources

Jan 18th
12:00 - 14:00

At Impact Hub Switzerland, together with Circular Economy SwitzerlandKickstart Innovation, and Deloitte, we believe that new forms of collaborations among unlikely alliances across sectors and disciplines are needed to accelerate the transition toward circular economy.

So we took the opportunity to walk this talk ourselves by partnering with each other as a movement, a network, representing SMEs, corporations, foundations, universities and others on launching the 1st Circularity Gap Report for Switzerland this year.

During Davos 2023, you’ll have the possibility to virtually assist to the pre-launch of this report at our event organized in collaboration with InTent.

On this occasion we will also share the results from the Global Circularity Gap Report that will be published in Amsterdam on 16th January, and learn about new forms of collaboration from different key industries, as well as the challenges and opportunities they experienced.

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