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The Sustainable Living Lab is an Impact Hub Geneva & Impact Hub Lausanne initiative supported by the Engagement Migros development fund to catalyse collaborative innovation towards Sustainable Living solutions in the region and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at large.

As an open platform for cross-sector engagement, the initiative seeks to create solutions that bring together a diversity of stakeholders, and showcase how a region can significantly contribute to and foster Sustainable Living through collaboration and entrepreneurship. 

In practical terms the initiative runs programmes such as social labs, startup incubators and open working sessions to catalyse open collaboration between business, government, and the civic sector, with the aim of generating solutions for systemic change.

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Who makes this possible?


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About Engagement Migros

The Engagement Migros development fund supports pioneering projects in the midst of social change, projects that break new ground and test future-oriented solutions. Our approach is to make sure  this support is effective, tying funding to coaching and similar services in the Pioneerlab. Engagement Migros is made possible by the companies of the Migros Group thanks to an annual grant of approximately CHF 10 million. It has supplemented the Migros Culture Percentage since 2012. Click here for further information.