How good can a community lunch get?
Oh, what lovely scents linger in the kitchen of Impact Hub a little bit after noon. Let’s go and check out what is happening. Hubonauts Julien,
05 December 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
Welcome, stress!
To manage stress, stop fighting and welcome the unpleasant feeling. We are a dozen of people gathered in the Boarding room at the Impact Hub
28 November 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
24 hours, 14 solutions
Climathon managed to tackle four tricky challenges regarding climate change and mobility in the end of October. Climate hackathon Climathon was
22 November 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
6 + 1 tips on ideation and business modelling
Have a great business idea but don’t know what to do with it? Crystallize it with these tips that I learned in Circular Economy workshop, lead by
09 November 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
Busy times for accelerators
It’s been a busy October for the Accelerate2030 team, who hosted the Scaling week at Impact Hub Geneva. In the end of October Impact Hub Geneva
07 November 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
Congratulations, Julia!
This year’s Social Impact Award winner was published last week. Julia Bodin from Lausanne won the race with her project Let’s Talk Waste. Photo
18 October 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
Circular Economy Incubator is out
Tomorrow’s economy is circular! You have all heard that, right? Now it is time to put ideas into action with the Circular Economy
11 October 2018 | Pauliina Rasi
Ravalement de façade chez Impact Hub Geneva, Pimp Day
Un gris un peu plus brillant que d’habitude, un tableau blanc plus net qu’à son souvenir, une étagère plus fonctionnelle qu’à sa dernière
20 August 2018 | Manon