Les idées de demain prennent naissance ici!

Les idées de demain prennent naissance ici! Kickstart lance son 7ème programme d'innovation avec une attention renforcée sur la

13 May 2022 | Geneva
Lever les frein de l’économie circulaire

Lever les frein de l’économie circulaire Eclairage par Jaira Guevara, Impact Hub Lors d’un interview avec John Hartung pour le magazine

13 May 2022 | Geneva

Dear partners, Once again, we are starting the New Year marked by a challenging Covid situation. Of course, the Impact Hub community and our

17 January 2022 | Geneva
Dossier de presse Climathon 2021

  Climathon Genève 2021, 22-23 Octobre De l’Action Locale à l’Impact Global – Devenez un héros du

09 October 2021 | Geneva

In 2017, the Impact Hub Geneva & Lausanne in cooperation with Engagement Migros initiated the Sustainable Living Lab, a 3-year experiment

29 October 2020 | Geneva
5th Year Anniversary of U.Lab Impact Hub Donostia

A journey through Theory U : Exploring Social Transformation Through Local and International Experiences. On January 23rd, 2020, Erica Mazerolle,

10 February 2020 | Geneva
4 communications decisions every entrepreneur should make

Every start-up should have a communications plan. No reason to worry: it can be drafted in a couple of hours and it will end up saving you a lot of

22 January 2020 | lausanne
Accelerate2030 and UNDP Announces 2019 Global Finalists

Impact Hub and United Nations Development Programme announce global finalists of Accelerate2030 programme Together, the United Nations Development

17 September 2019 | Geneva
Accelerate2030 is open for 2019 applications!

The quest for the best social innovations begins! The Accelerate2030 program launches its third edition in collaboration with the United Nations

17 April 2019 | lausanne
FlitOut nous raconte son expérience au sein de l’incubateur CET!

FlitOut nous raconte son expérience au sein de l’incubateur CET! L’aventure FlitOut débute à l’automne 2018, lorsque Aymeric Laurent quitte

11 April 2019 | Geneva
How to get rid of procrastination

Hey folks! How is your January going? If you followed our tips from this post, your year should have started pretty well. I hope that’s the

30 January 2019 | lausanne
Ecofriendly laundry detergent in Geneva

Anne-Julie Beroud, an entrepreneur and a member of Impact Hub Geneva, won the IDDEA award in December with her project La Corde A Linge, “Clothes

15 January 2019 | lausanne