Common problems require collaborative solutions.

We welcome new alliances with businesses, individuals and organizations looking to increase their social impact and reach within the impact economy at Impact Hub Geneva. You’re invited to join our community of over 600 entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers in Switzerland and 13 000+ worldwide.



Learning Tours 

Bring your team to the Impact Hub Geneva and get to know the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and how to practice innovation through collaboration. Learn about our most exciting startups and meet the inspiring social entrepreneurs and innovators behind them. We will tailor the Learning Tour according to your needs.

Innovation Challenges

Are you in need of innovative ideas or emerging technical solutions? Impact Geneva offers to design and facilitate an hackathons and innovation program that sources new ideas from entrepreneurs, hackers and innovators. Our programs scale up from crowdsourcing and getting creative minds from highly diverse groups to work on innovative solutions to your challenges and a more sustainable world.


Extra-ordinary events 

We offer a unique and creative atmosphere for your events in the heart of Geneva, perfect for meetings, workshops, exhibitions, pop-up dinners and networking events. Make use of our pool of expert moderators, trainers and facilitators who can advise you on the format for your event and facilitate it for diverse audiences. We look forward to hosting you at our space!

Impact Accelerator

Relying on our extensive experience running incubator and accelerator partnerships with corporates and organizations, we provide you with a unique opportunity to try out and use social innovation and create a meaningful impact. Together we will frame a challenge relevant to your core business, help you attract and identify expert impact entrepreneurs and aid in realization of innovative solutions for a more sustainable world. 


Employee Intrapreneurship

Do you want to encourage creative thinking and innovation in your organization? Become part of the Impact Hub Geneva and get access to a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, innovators and inspiring change makers, a creative working space and networking events. Next, enroll in one of our Intrapreneurship Learning Programs and boost the entrepreneurial culture of your team.

Pop-up Hub

Disrupt your traditional conference or trade fair experience with a Pop-Up Hub! Most of us have come across the traditional conference dilemma: we are running from one session to another, with little time and space for reflection and idea sharing and development. Let us set up and host a space at your conference that is designed for facilitating conversations, reflection, idea sharing and engaging participants in the issues that matter the most.

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