Experience U.Lab @ Impact Hub Geneva

  • Do you want to learn a powerful framework and a method for profound change, both individual and collective?
  • Do you want to innovate, prototype and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to be more connected to the more authentic aspects of who you are and discover how you can have an impact on the system around you?
Starting 8 September, the Presencing Institute and the Impact Hub network are partnering up to bring the open 8-week online edX/MITx course U.Lab: Leading from the Emerging Future to 40+ Impact Hub locations around the world.  
Get involved by joining us on Monday September 5th at 19h00 at Impact Hub Geneva for the introduction and information session or by registering below!

What is the Ulab?

We live in a time of disruptive change. How to activate our capacity to lean into the emerging future may well be the most important leadership challenge of our time. How do you cultivate curiosity, compassion and courage in the face of prejudice, anger and fear? These topics will be addressed in the free online course: u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future hosted by MIT, which runs for the 3rd time. This year Impact Hub Geneva would like to use u.lab as a lens through which to explore how we - as individuals, and inhabitants of the Geneva community - can contribute to the accelerated achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

For whom?

Change-makers, leaders, educators, students… YOU: everybody who is interested to learn more about Theory U - a process for connecting to the more authentic aspects of who we are individually and collectively, and apply it to the issues and systems that matter. It is a framework and a method for profound change, both individual and collective. For those wondering about u.lab 0x, have a look at the 90-minute self-paced course that is a pre-requisite to this course.    

How can I join?

We offer 2 options:
  • Open live streaming sessions:
    • Come and watch the live sessions with like-minded participants on 15 September, 6 October, 27 October, and 15 December 2015. This is free & open to all!
  • 3-Month U.Lab @ IHG Membership (Sept/Oct/Nov)*:
    • Join us for in-depth learning, connecting and prototyping the Future of Geneva with a for only 40CHF per month (excl. VAT).

Why opt for the U.Lab @ IHG Membership?

As participants of the free online course U.Lab: Leading from the Emerging Future, you are free to organise your own hub. So why become an IHG member for your U.Lab journey?  U.Lab is an online course that invites offline engagement and prototyping; indeed, this is essential to deepening your understanding of the material. Impact Hub Geneva’s vibrant community offers a great environment for learning, connecting and prototyping - so that your ideas can actually manifest with the support of like-minded players with common intentions. You’ll be part of a global community of over 11,000 other Impact Hub Members worldwide.  
The U.Lab @ IHG Membership includes the following benefits:
  • weekly meetup to make sense of & practice the learning material, and support your U journey in project groups.
  • A connection to people in our impact ecosystem - entrepreneurs, changemakers and regional stakeholders - who are working to create a world that works for all.
  • hosted environment that will support your journey through the U.Lab experience to bring the course and your ideas to life.
  • beautiful and well-equipped meeting place for the live sessions and group activities with your fellow U.Lab participants.
  • Connect Impact Hub Membership benefits, such as access to community events and our own online network Impact Hub Net.
Sign up by filling in the form bellow. Please select whether you want to take part in the live streaming sessions or the membership. ...don't forget to join us for our Kick-off Session on 10th of September!


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