Intrapreneurship news
8 September 2020 - geneva

Discover the Intrapreneurship
Intrapreneurship refers to the capacity of practicing entrepreneurial principles from within established organisations to drive purposeful innovation. The future is one where profit-making and common good are not mutually exclusive.
At Impact Hub, we are dedicated to building these bridges,  that’s why, every week, we propose you to discover new articles on the theme of intrapreneurship:

Build a Culture of Experimentation
“To successfully innovate, companies need to make experimentation an integral part of everyday life—even when budgets are tight. That means creating an environment where employees’ curiosity is nurtured, data trumps opinion, anyone (not just people in R&D) can conduct or commission a test, all experiments are done ethically, and managers embrace a new model of leadership.” Harvard Business Review, 2020

Educate for New Skills and Jobs
“Workers can expect their jobs to change constantly because of automation, and many might have to switch occupations several times in their working lives. This pattern means education will progressively be a lifelong endeavor requiring significant redevelopment of human capital.” McKinsey, 2020

Grow and Retain a Purpose-driven Workforce
“The older mentality must adapt to the new as it becomes the mainstream. To create and maintain engagement from millennials, companies and their managers must rethink their people strategies, modifying the spirit of the workplace, initiating revolutionary development processes and building engagement models that are interactive, values-based and flexible.” Forbes, 2020