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Post-covid19: How to build the new economy?

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is increasingly recognised as a core priority by a growing number of institutional actors. The covid-19 economic disruption provides a unique opportunity to build a new economy that is resilient, inclusive and circular. Intrapreneurship refers to the application of entrepreneurial principles from within established organisations in order to lead innovative and purposeful change.

The Intrapreneurship Academy is a 3-month professional development programme for employees of organisations moving towards a more agile and entrepreneurial culture.

Our vision is that organisations in Geneva use innovation to respond to societal needs by transforming their employees into leaders, thereby living up to their full potential.

The journey from Intention to Impact delivers: 


  • addressing an internal challenge
  • acquiring innovation capabilities
  • growing a collaborative culture


 4 full-day workshops


spread over 12 weeks and requires
2 hours per week of active engagement

Next Edition

Pioneer Edition.
September – December 2020, dates TBC

Participants will acquire an intrapreneurial mindset and learn to use collaborative tools. The programme draws from methodologies such as Human-Centered Design, Theory-U and Leading Beyond Authority, and is inspired by the systemic approach of Circular Economy.


  • High-potential junior professionals; 
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or entrepreneurial attitude; 
  • 5 years’ work experience or less;
  • Light involvement of the line manager.  


Journey Overview 

This journey develops knowledge and understanding of the mindset and capabilities necessary to drive purposeful change from within an organisation in order to address a social or environmental challenge. The modules draw from are a unique combination of entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration and leadership. The content is grounded in practice, so participants learn by working on solving a real-life challenge of their own.


Learning outcomes

At the end of this journey, participants will have:

  1. Addressed an organisational challenge previously identified together with their manager;
  2. Engaged with their stakeholders to design up to three prototype solutions 
  3. Familiarised themselves with applying innovation tools, methods and frameworks that inspire transformative change at a practical level   
  4. Developed meaningful connections for potential cross-sector collaborations within a network of Geneva-based leading organisations 
  5. Gained increased self-awareness of their potential as leaders and resilience as intrapreneurs    


Special Offer

The standard pricing is CHF 2’900 per participant and their manager, with a 15% discount for teams of more than three employees from the same organisation. This includes:

  • 5 Entrepreneurship modules 
  • 7 agile innovation modules
  • 5 peer-learning modules 
  • 4 support calls (pre- and during)
  • 2 alumni gatherings 
  • documentation for knowledge sharing and transfer
  • Up to 3 prototype solutions per participant 

SPECIAL POST-COVID19 OFFER: Benefit from an additional 15% discount by signing up before June 30th by completing our pre-sign up form.

Curious to know more?

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Questions, comments or doubts?

Contact Erica Mazerolle, Regional Catalyst for the League of Intrapreneurs and Impact Hub’s Lead on Social Innovation & Communities of Practice. 




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