Give your ideas, inspiration and projects a full time home at Impact Hub.

Apply to the Hubonaut program – 6 months volunteering.

How does it work?

For half a year you are joining our hosting team on a 1-day/week-basis (6h). You will have access to monthly workshops to enhance your entrepreneurship skills and familiarize you with the latest sustainability topics.

The hubonaut program is:


Work Experience with Hosting Team at Impact Hub Geneva


Access to our Activities and Community


Monthly Learning Workshops on Key Knowledge around Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

How to apply?

Apply online (questionnaire). The program size is limited to 20 participants. Each program term starts on October 1st and April 1st and lasts for 6 months. However we consider applications continuously as some spots may become available throughout the 6 months program period.

-Thank you for filling out the online form, we will get back to you in case we have availabilities. We might not be able to respond in case we already have a full team on board-