The first step into the future of work!

Is your organisation / team looking to host a more intrapreneurialinnovative and future-oriented culture? Would you like to join a hands-on learning experience where you can exchange with intrapreneurs and innovators outside of your organisation?
The Hub Academy is an innovation program, hosted in a safe-house environment for experimentation, designed to provide young leaders and aspiring intrapreneurs with the entrepreneurial, creative and sustainability mindset and skills necessary for your organisation to remain competitive, innovative and be ahead of future disruptions.
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Hub Academy_Testimonial

Sandra Cabrera

Innovation is a “must have” not only in the corporate and entrepreneurial environment that would like to keep up with competition but in inclusive and sustainable growth driven institutions. Understanding how to build the ecosystem in which innovation is made possible and easier to implement is key for achieving good impact in the work we do in our organisations. Participating in the Hub Academy allowed me to improve my abilities as an innovator and entrepreneur, but mostly to understand my responsibility as a human being trying to transform the world for the better while remaining true to myself. – Advisor Sustainability Standards & Value Chains at International Trade Centre

Why should you join?


Attract top-notch talent

Millennials will make up 75% of every organisations’ workforce by 2025 and. To be fully engaged at work, millennials feel the need to work on meaningful projects, have big challenges to solve and participate in action-based learning opportunities.


Unlock innovation

Airbnb, Uber and Tesla are just 3 examples of companies disrupting their sectors in the past few years. Organisations of the future need to host an entrepreneurial, innovative and future-oriented culture in order to remain competitive and ahead of future disruptions.


Experiment safely

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are spurring a new wave of collaborative action linking business, government and civil society. The Hub Academy can become your safe-house to ideate, iterate and act towards a more sustainable future.

What is the Hub Academy?

The Hub Academy is a unique modular learning program, hosted at Impact Hub Geneva and Impact Hub Lausanne, aiming to support your team / organisation to remain competitiveinnovative and be ahead of future disruptions.
Hub Academy Modules
The full program will take 40 hours of dedicated in-class work. Because we know different teams and organisations have different needs, the Hub Academy is divided in modules that you can combine as you wish.


The Hub Academy program is spread out over a 3 month period with a total of 40 hours hands-on learning sessions:
  • Starting date: Middle of September
  • Ending date: Middle of December

How to join?

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Note: We are working on putting-up the program for the 2018 edition of the Hub Academy as you read this and we would like to have your input. If there is any topic, workshops or methodology you would like to explore further please drop us an email with your suggestions.
Click to receive the program details
  • Hub Academy calendar
  • Workshops' content details
  • Participation fees and discounts


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