[Sustainable Living U.LAB] Live Streaming Session (1/4)

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Starting 21 September, the Presencing Institute and the Impact Hub network are partnering up to bring the open 13-week online edX/MITx course U.Lab: Leading from the Emerging Future to 40+ Impact Hub locations around the world.

The Presencing Institute team will facilitate four live, interactive, hour-long sessions that will bring together participants from all over the world.

These Live Streaming Sessions are hosted by Impact Hub Geneva, contributing to a powerful sense of global connectedness that emerges from being part of a large group of people turning their attention to an event in real time.


Sustainable Living as the u.lab focus

Many of us want to achieve sustainable development and curb global warming. What if here in Geneva we developed sustainable living solutions that enabled ordinary people to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles ? For example:

-consuming consciously and according to needs instead of excessive consumerism;
-reducing waste and increasing recycling, reusing or composting;
-shifting to a low-carbon economy and society in the near future.

Let’s tackle this together !

For more information about the whole process, please visit the U.Lab page, here.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

21 September 2017 | 16:00 to 17:00


Impact Hub Geneva


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Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 12 September 2017