Skillshare Lunch | How to Build Your Immunity to Failure ?

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Let’s discuss topics / challenges that matter to you! Skillshare Lunch is designed for you, members of our community! Each month, one of our members or a special guests holds an events to exchange tips, ideas, informal education or training opportunities with the whole community and build solutions together.

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This month, let’s discover How to Build Your Immunity to Failure, using a simple framework to help you know what really matters, avoid unnecessary emotional turmoil and grow as a person and a professional, with Biliana Vassileva.

Imagine there was a vaccine that could prevent you from failing – smooth sailing, success after success, constant wind beneath your wings. How would that feel like?

Well, no such vaccine exists yet, but there is a way to become immune to the large majority of negative feelings of failure that burden your life needlessly.

This skillshare activity will equip you with a new understanding of your capacity to engage with failure. In an experiential manner, you will discover how to:

  • Reframe your failures
  • Learn from them
  • Design your way forward in the most energy efficient manner.

This skillshare has been inspired and informed by “Designing Your Life” co-author by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. For more info please check:


Our member sharing her skills: Biliana Vassileva

Biliana is an executive and organizational coach, passionate about aligning the 5Ps, which matter most – people, processes, peace, planet, and prosperity.

She started her career 20 years ago doing qualitative research to design interventions in the health sector. Later, she worked on women’s empowerment and education. While living in South-East Asia, Biliana curated more than 50 conferences on Lao and Thai history, culture, and current affairs.

At present she: 1) coaches multidisciplinary teams to find innovative solutions to persisting social problems; 2) supports the Impact Hub Association; 3) co-leads the co-creation process of replicating the G3iD in Ghana; and 4) coaches social startups.



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7 December 2017 | 12:30 to 13:30


Impact Hub Geneva


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