Skillshare Lunch – Discover the social network Entnest, a platform and productivity toolbox

Let’s discuss topics / challenges that matter to you! Skillshare Lunch is designed for you, members of our community! Each month, one of our members or a special guests holds an events to exchange tips, ideas, informal education or training opportunities with the whole community and build solutions together.

Please bring your own lunch. 

This month, let’s discover Entnest, a social network, platform and productivity toolbox for target audience with Johan Franzén, Founder and CEO of Entnest. 

The internet is great, BUT overwhelming, noisy and unproductive for all of us. There are millions of resources out there and that’s actually the issue! There is nothing that ties it all together, until now.

Entnest is everything Entrepreneurs need, in one organized place. It is an excellent complement to all in the target audience and, utilizing it fully will be a very helpful skill that will deliver a lot of value to you and give you the chance to Achieve Success Faster.

For whom Entnest is designed ?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Established Entrepreneurs
  • Supporting Organizations

Our guest sharing his skills: Johan Franzén

Johan Franzén is Swedish. 20 years with P&G with primary focus on Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management. Always missed the entrepreneurship element though. Now, I’m an Entrepreneur since about 3 years and recently started Entnest. Based in Geneva.


You have a subject of interest you want to discuss / share with others? From IT to fostering collaboration, social media strategy or urban agriculture, we are crowdsourcing topics prior to the event: feel free to propose any subject that you think might interest others!

Contact Person at the Impact Hub Geneva 

For more information about this event and other Enabling and Facilitation workshop opportunities, please speak directly to Cynthia (Enabling and Facilitation Coordination) or contact her here.

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Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

21 September 2017 | 12:30 to 13:30


Impact Hub Geneva


Updated on 15 September 2017