Sexy Salad


Sexy Salad- the Impact Hub Community Lunch🥗🥕🥒🍅

The Sexy Salad is our shared community lunch. Every Tuesday we gather members and visitors for a fun potluck (buffet canadien) lunch at Impact Hub Geneva.

Now what makes the salad  “sexy”?

It’s simple: You and the rest of the community. Because we whittle and stir, taste and spice it all, together. Come on over, take a deep breath and get to know other members. Visitors are welcome, of course; the more, the merrier!

And here’s how it works:

  • Our Sexy Salad Team will prepare and provide some basic dishes like salads and breads
  • You and the other participants bring
    • a (homemade) ready-made dish* (that can serve around 4-5 Hubbers’ hungry bellies)
    • OR 10 swiss francs to pay for your participation
  • You are welcome to come at 12h45 to help give us a hand with setting the table and other last-minute preparations
  • At about 13h00 we start eating (Yum!)
  • During the meal, we’ll also have a small introductory session where you can share more about yourself
  • We’ll finish around 14h00

*No idea of what you could bring?

Simple salads (couscous, rice or pasta salad, fresh cut fruit), finger food, yummy cheeses, sweet and savory tartes, quiches or any kind of dessert are more than welcome. Let your culinary imagination run wild!

But most important: Bring yourself! And why not also a friend?

No pre-registration required – just show up! 😀

* 📷 We’ll be taking photos at lunch for our social media channels, so let us know if you’re camera shy or prefer to be behind the camera 📷.

**Please ask about ingredients before tasting if you have food allergies.

Interested in becoming a member?  Come and discover Impact Hub Geneva by exploring the space and meeting Hubbers in their natural habitat every workday from 9am-6pm.

Want a guided tour? Then come to one of our Tour du Hub!

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

February 13 | 12:45 to 14:00


Impact Hub Geneva


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: A dish to share or CHF 10

Cost for Non Members: A dish to share or CHF 10

Updated on 27 February 2018