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Optimize your potential by managing your stress!

Mar 28th
17:30 - 19:00
Impact Hub Geneva - Boardroom

Experiencing a heavy workload and looking for ways to boost your energy and performance? Search no more! Charlotta will support you in finding suitable methods that are easy to implement in your daily life.

As a specialist in the development of mental strengths and in the prevention of burnout and backpains, coach and occupational therapist, she will offer you a teaser workshop of 1.5 hours. Watch out! You wont’t be bored! This workshop is fun, rich in practical exercises and based on evidence.

You’ll be made aware of the factors that impact your energy, your balance in life and your performance, you will learn concrete strategies for mental resilience, and you will think about sustainable optimization tracks for your own situation.

And that’s not all, Charlotta will remain at your disposal to answer all your questions or individual needs.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to boost your energy and mobilize your mental strength for lasting optimization of your performance and wellbeing!

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