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Mindfulness meditation at Impact Hub Geneva

#Healthy Hub

 Mindfulness is an invitation to use the focus of our minds to harness the power of attention, and to enhance our lives and our relationships with others. Through both modern science and ancient insights from contemplative practices we can learn how to tame our wandering mind – also called “monkey mind” – and liberate ourselves from unnecessary stress to live in the power of the present moment.
Marina and Dejan are seasoned meditators coming from different backgrounds and perspectives. Marina discovered meditation 20 years ago through her yoga practice and Dejan spent recent years learning about scientific foundations of mindfulness. They would like to share what they have learned on their path towards a stress-free and happy lifestyle. In these sessions, they will guide a short mindfulness practice so that other Hub members can learn how harness the power of now.

Meet us in the upstairs Chill Space at 1pm every Wednesday afternoon.
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Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

August 15 | 13:00 to 13:20


Impact Hub Geneva


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Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 20 April 2018