Le Quatre Heures


Le Quatre Heures🍰🎂🍪☕️


Join us every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm for a goûter!  Each quatre heures is different, so members can prepare their taste buds to be delighted by desserts influenced by various cultures and tastes and our Hubonauts enjoy playing with vegan and gluten-free options too!

There’s only one rule for attendance: treats can only be enjoyed while socializing with the group, so no taking your cookies back to your computer; to have some cake, you must take a break 😀

* 📷 We’ll be taking photos at the goûter for our social media channels, so let us know if you’re camera shy or prefer to be behind the camera 📷.

**Please ask about ingredients before tasting if you have food allergies.

Every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm 😀


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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

March 19 | 16:00 to 17:00


Impact Hub Geneva


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 22 February 2018