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Leading in Times of Change (Intrapreneurship: Challenges & Strategies of Corporate* Changemakers)

Mar 26th
16:30 - 18:00


Due to the covid-19 situation, this event will now take place online through videoconference.

Join via this link: https://zoom.us/j/807048899


We are aware that if you were interested in Intrapreneurship, or the capacity to drive change from within organisations, you are most likely a natural leader itching to create meaningful impact for the greater good. We are also sensible that at this stage, your priorities have most likely shifted to respond to the immediacy of the crisis. Hence, we adapted the content of the workshop in order to take the pulse of the situation and offer helpful tips. A panel of experts will be there to contribute from their different domains of corporate intrapreneurship expertise:

Harri Toivonen – Design Thinking, product & service design, future foresight

John Herniman – Changing pressures, advantages and disadvantages, effects of crisis on risk aversion

Louise Le Gat – Leadership in times of crisis, navigating the emotional side of change

Gib Bulloch – Slowing down to rise up

In the spirit of rising up to the challenge and serving to lead, we have also created the Facebook group Leading in times of change Geneva. We invite you to join it and submit your questions in advance of the workshop so that we may answer them as effectively as possible.

We look forward to seeing you online.



How is Intrapreneurship experienced within organisations ?

Who are these corporate* changemakers and what are they trying to achieve ?

Intrapreneurship harnesses the power of entrepreneurial thinking and user-centred design to drive innovation within an organisation. However as we all face the urgency of global challenges, Intrapreneurship increasingly seeks to embrace a social or environmental purpose beyond purely commercial interests.

What are the main barriers that corporate changemakers encounter when trying to address a societal issue through their work?
What are the main strategies they apply to overcome these challenges?
How can organisations become increasingly responsive to the reality of purpose-driven workforces?
The workshop will explore these questions and provide potential avenues.

*By ‘corporate’ changemakers we mean those who aspire to drive change within established organisations, which usually embrace a corporate culture. These include public sector institutions and international organisations, as well as private corporations.


John Herniman, PhD

Louise Le Gat, Founder, Positive Energy Leadership

Free event in English with possibility of French whisper translation.

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