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Hear I Go Presents: Happiness Traps – How We Sabotage Ourselves at Work

Hear I Go is The Support Network for Self-Saboteurs. Self-Sabotage is the skill of getting in ones own way. The mission of Hear I Go is threefold:

  • become aware of the enemy within – self-sabotage
  • learn tools on how to engage with it
  • actively collaborate with it to turn day-dreams into dream jobs

In her latest book, Annie McKee points to three common and destructive mindsets that ruin your career satisfaction.

Curious to find out what they are while being with your own tribe?

Eager to learn strategies on how to break out?

Come and join the March edition of Hear I Go – the support network to become aware of, and positively engage with the enemy within – self-sabotage.

Self-saboteurs of all levels are welcomed.

Contribution to cover space rental:

CHF10, Members; CHF 30, Non-members.

RSVP on Meetup.  We hope to see you there!

This workshop will be delivered by Biliana Vassileva, Self-Saboteur-in-chief & Impact Hub Geneva member.

Biliana is an executive and organizational coach, passionate about aligning the 5Ps, which matter most – people, processes, peace, planet, and prosperity.

She started her career 20 years ago doing qualitative research to design interventions in the health sector. Later, she worked on women’s empowerment and education. While living in South-East Asia, Biliana curated more than 50 conferences on Lao and Thai history, culture, and current affairs. Recently, she co-designed and co-led the Co-Creation Factory for the Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (G3iD).

At present she: 1) coaches multidisciplinary teams to find innovative solutions to persisting social problems; 2) supports the Impact Hub Geneva Association; 3) co-leads the co-creation process of replicating the G3iD in Ghana; and 4) coaches social startups.

For more info www.bilianavassileva.com


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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

March 27 | 18:30 to 20:30


Impact Hub Geneva


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: CHF 10 to cover space rental

Cost for Non Members: CHF 30 to cover space rental

Updated on 01 March 2018