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Empowering Families for Safe & Healthy Gaming & Social Media

Jan 17th
17:30 - 19:30
Online Event
A space to learn, discuss and share how to support a safe and healthy digital life for our families.

About this event

“My son is addicted to Fortnite. I can’t get him to go outside and play.”

“My daughter is on Tiktok constantly. We feel like we’ve lost her.”


Is managing screen time enough?

How do we parent our kids in this rapidly changing world?

Are our kids addicted or are they learning future skills?


Come join this online interactive workshop with Liz and Felix, social entrepreneurs and parents, to learn, discuss and share how we lead our families in a digital age and prepare our kids for a digital life.

Liz Lian, mother of two daughters (8 and 13), is passionate about empowering parents to become the parents they want to be. She has spent over 20 years designing and implementing new models for learning and knowledge sharing, in the public and private sectors.

Felix Hollenstein, father of two sons (9 and 12), has wrestled for years with the questions of what changes the digital age brings to our lives and what a healthy approach to technological possibilities might look like. There are also many parallels to his professional activities in innovation management and working with complexity.


This event will be in ENGLISH.

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