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EBBF MEANINGFUL BREAKFAST: Closing the “Performance gap”

Have you ever noticed a difference between knowing what to do, and doing it at the right time? So often we know we should be setting out an optimal behaviour – but the little voices in our head guide us to do something else: “I should not have that extra little bit of cake – but maybe just this once!” Why? We all know that we have voices in our head. What we don’t know is how to manage them, so that we can, in turn, manage ourselves. At Mobius we help our clients, primarily senior executives and senior partners, to become more conscious of the archetypical voices in their heads: the Lover, the Dreamer, the Warrior and the Thinker. One of our partners, Erica Fox who wrote the New York Times Best Seller: Winning from Within, has helped us virtually shape all our client interventions (and frankly all our own), to help see the inner terrain of our mind that is rich in meaning and history. We help our clients close their own performance gap by becoming more conscious of themselves.

Together at breakfast, let’s develop some small practices to help us close our own performance gap!

ABOUT THE SPEAKER – Alexander Kuilman

A Canadian living in Switzerland, Alexander leads the European practice for Mobius, a premier transformational leadership firm focused on fostering inspiration, personal mastery, large scale change and high performance. He works as a top team alignment facilitator, executive coach, facilitator of transformation, mediator and culture change consultant across a broad range of industries. Alexander regularly supports clients working directly with CEOs and top teams to help guide them in realigning and shifting their corporate culture. He is passionate about supporting senior executives to see their blindspots, and helping them to transcend them. He has also served as a senior facilitator and executive coach for a top global professional services firm for the last 10 years, serving both internal and client facing needs.

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15 September 2017 | 07:45 to 09:00


Impact Hub Geneva


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Cost for Members: 5CHF including coffee & croissants

Cost for Non Members: 5CHF including coffee & croissants

Updated on 14 September 2017