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Diversity & Inclusion Workshops – Sexual harassment prevention

Oct 21st
9:00 - 12:00
Impact Hub Geneva
CHF210 – CHF280

It’s everyone’s issue: sexual harassment prevention 360°.

* This workshop will be give in french, too, during the afternoon of the same day.


Talking about sexual harassment can be uneasy and clichés abound. In this workshop we first break the clichés with data that brings all participants to the table. Sexual harassment affects everyone. The workshop clarifies what sexual harassment is and is not – from personal experience ‘grey zones’ to legal definitions. It situates sexual harassment within the range of workplace discrimination and barriers to career advancement, and helps participants understand what to do if it happens to them, and if it happens to someone else – appropriately and meaningfully. Key risk factors and prevention measures are addressed.


What you gain: With this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of sexual harassment, and will be equipped to respond to it; you will have a critical lens with which to identify organizational risks and prevention measures.

Price: 280.- incl. TVA / 25% reduction for members, by writing to [email protected]


This workshop series is conducted in cooperation with Impact Hub Geneva, in support of IHG strategy to advance and promote Diversity and Inclusion.

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