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QT with Ashleighūüó£

Wish there was a space of time in the week where you could speak to a member of the Impact Hub Geneva team?

Have¬†an idea for an activity you’d like to introduce to the community? Have a question about your membership?¬† Can’t find your printer code?¬† Just want to have a chat and share your projects, needs and concerns?¬† Want to voice something about the community to your Impact Hub Geneva team?¬† Then this time is for you!

Come¬†to the kitchen¬†for QT with Ashleigh ūüôā

Here’s a chance to skip the email and speak with me directly.

Every Monday between 12pm and 2pm, I will be in the café/kitchen area waiting to spend some quality time (QT) with you!

As your Community Coordinator, I’d love to know more about:

  • your projects;
  • your interests and
  • anything else that will help your Impact Hub Geneva Team take your membership and community member experience to the next level.

So bring along your lunch or join me in the kitchen¬†and we can¬†prepare our meal together during our conversation.¬† Or, just join me at a table- this time is dedicated to you, so don’t worry about interrupting lunch ūüôā

But, if you’d like to have a quiet/private conversation, this time doesn’t work for you or your topic is time sensitive,¬†feel free to¬†book a dedicated meeting time with me,¬†here.

Catch you in the kitchen! ūüėÄ


Interested in becoming a member?  Come and discover Impact Hub Geneva by exploring the space and meeting Hubbers in their natural habitat every workday from 9am-6pm.

Want a guided tour? Then come to one of our Tour du Hub!

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Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

February 12 | 12:00 to 14:00


Impact Hub Geneva


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Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 29 January 2018