Skillshare Lunch | Challenges of the development of the digital ecosystem (Ford Motor Company)

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This month, let’s discover the Challenges of the development of the digital ecosystem with Sergio Bobadilla

Many companies and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to develop their digital ecosystem but they are many pieces in the puzzle and do not know where to start.
In this session I am going to share the experience of Ford Motor Company US and Mexico.

  • What were their biggest challenges?
  • Where did they have to start first?
  • What tools were used?

The challenges are approached from the perspective of the marketing area but with a holistic view of all areas of the company. The digital areas that played a fundamental role in the development of the digital ecosystem were; the website, media campaigns, analytics, CRM, social media, IT, BI and the Ford dealers.

If you are interested in learning to develop your digital ecosystem projects or simply work in some area of digital, this experience will give you a broader perspective of the digital world.

Our member sharing his skills: Sergio Bobadilla

Sergio Bobadilla has been the leader in the digital areas of different companies for 20 years. It has served several types of industries such as the timeshare industry, sports marketing, the most important foundation in Mexico and in the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, he collaborated with Walther Thompson, one of the most important advertising companies in the world. He was the digital head of GTB that served the digital marketing area of Ford Motor Company Mexico for 4 years.

You have a subject of interest you want to discuss / share with others? From IT to fostering collaboration, social media strategy or urban agriculture, we are crowdsourcing topics prior to the event: feel free to propose any subject that you think might interest others!

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Sergio Bobadilla

Date & Time

January 11 | 12:30 to 13:30


Impact Hub Geneva


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Cost for Members: Free

Updated on 04 December 2017