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Bump-In & Learn – May Session

May 2nd
11:30 - 12:15

How to create a sustainable design industry

There is much mentioned about sustainability, but how can we practically change an industry? Marc Gervait, Chief Design Officer of Aldesso AG, will share with you some of his best practices, along with how you can have your own impact, even as a consumer.

Event details:

While estimations vary, the construction industry is recognized as having one of the strongest impacts on the environment. Like other industries, it is composed of a multitude of correlated, well-functioning systems, that need to be rendered more sustainable urgently.  It is a complex problem, that could seem overwhelming but now is the time for action.  Most decision-makers who are familiar with the industry are not familiar enough with sustainable practices, and conversely. Marc proposes a collaborative, multi-pronged approach both with the specialists in the field and the consumers.


About Marc Gervait

Marc Gervait, Chief Design Officer of Aldesso AG, has 20 years of experience in sustainable design.  In addition to concentrating on sustainable luxury interior design within his company, he dedicates himself to raising awareness about sustainability.

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