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Brownbag lunch – Building a purpose driven brand and premium product

Every Other Thursday at lunchtime in the Boardroom 

BYO Lunch and let’s discuss topics / challenges that matter to you! Every two weeks, we will gather with other members to exchange needs, tips, ideas & build solutions together.

This week, let’s hear about SAGANÀ’s journey in building a purpose-driven brand and premium product! 

What is SAGANÀ? SAGANÀ offers the highest quality, authentic, organic and undiluted 100% coconut blossom nectar as a healthier, delicious and more sustainable natural sweetener alternative.  In doing so, they create ‘green jobs’ with premium fair wages, promote healthy living and fund community projects that directly benefit their partner-farmers in the Philippines…. And it is now distributed nationwide by MANOR and Claro Fair Trade!

Cattleya, SAGANÀ’s founder, is a Social Impact Awardee and Hub member since 2014. She would like to share her experience & learnings gain along the way with the community on:

  • How to sell a story instead of a (premium) commodity
  • How do customers see brands in general? Are they really ready and willing to buy purpose-driven brands?
  • How to crack the Swiss market while bootstrapping
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You have a subject of interest you want to discuss with others? From IT to fostering collaboration, social media strategy or urban agriculture, we are crowdsourcing topics prior to the event: feel free to propose any subject that you think might interest others!

You want to boost your project or identify the next steps to move your idea or business forward? We can organize a session around your specific challenge! (known as the former Hubbubs)

Whatever your idea is, please contact Elsa (elsa.gehanne@impacthub.ch

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Impact Hub Geneva


Date & Time

23 March 2017 | 12:30 to 13:30


Impact Hub Geneva


Updated on 01 March 2017