Interledger enables payments and micropayments across blockchains and other types of ledgers. It is an internetworking protocol for money and other assets that abstracts the differences between ledgers and allows payments to be securely routed through untrusted connectors. Interledger is being used to connect blockchains, send multi-currency micropayments, and upgrade bank-to-bank transfers. The presentation will include live Interledger micropayments and an explanation of how you can connect to the Interledger.

About the Speaker

Evan Schwartz is co-inventor of the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and Managing Director of the Ripple Luxembourg R&D office.


18:30 – Doors opening

18:45 – Evan Schwarz (Ripple)

19:30 – Q&A

19:45 – Networking 21:00 – End of the event

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