Vous avez une idée de projet à but social et/ou environnemental ? Le Social Impact Award est là pour vous aider à les transformer en entreprises concrètes !

🌟 Ce programme est gratuit et se compose de formations collectives, de coaching et mentoring individuel, de l’accès à un espace de travail créatif… le tout au sein d’une communauté internationale de jeunes entrepreneurs passionnés ! Les projets les plus prometteurs auront en plus la chance de gagner jusqu’à 4000 CHF. 🌟

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Social Impact Award Switzerland

What is it?

Social Impact Award (SIA) will promote the knowledge and practice of social entrepreneurship among students in Switzerland. We will do so by raising awareness for social entrepreneurship, offering an educational program guiding from vague intentions to a social venture, giving access to networks of peers & professionals and by directly supporting the most promising ventures.


More specifically...

SIA Switzerland 2017 will start by offering students three one-day workshops on the themes of idea generation, business planning and business modelling in partnership with Universities of four Romandie cities (Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg). The themes of the workshop will be analysed from the perspective of social entrepreneurship, but the take home knowledge learned during the different workshops will be helpful in everyday life and especially, in the professional world, regardless of the sector chosen. The SIA Switzerland 2017 will then launch a competition for the incubation of the best ideas. Via our partner networks such as AEISEC and the participating universities, we will be inviting students from Switzerland to submit their inspirational ideas and projects to address global challenges locally. The participants must be between 14 and 30 years of age and, ideally, composed by at least 50% of students. Twelve teams will be nominated as winners and will participate in the first incubation program. They will be supported by mentors: successful entrepreneurs, employees of well-established corporates (UBS) and professional business consultants. In addition, they will also have access to the worldwide entrepreneurial community of Impact Hub and SIA 2017. The objective of these three months is to allow each team to turn its idea into a viable business model.
In September the four best ideas will be selected by a jury and the teams nominated winners of the Social Impact Award Switzerland 2017. These teams will win a prize money, international recognition and active support from a SIA community of experts as well as attracting potential investors. They will also invited to participate in the SIA Summit which will take place from 1 to 3 November 2017 in Belgrade (Serbia), where winners from all participating countries (Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Tunisia) will meet and deepen their expertise. Participation in the creation of a viable business model in a supportive environment will provide participants with transformative educational learning tools, concepts, entrepreneurial practices, and teamwork. This will enable them to realize their own ability to have a positive impact on society. We hope SIA will create a favourable environment for constructive synergies creation, from which feasible solutions to the great challenges of our time will emerge.